THE BIRTH OF TROJAN – Duke Reid Rocksteady (1967)

7 Feb


1. Judge Sympathy – Duke Reid’s All Star
2. Never to Be Mine – Roland Alphonso & The Supersonic
3. Folk Song – Tony & Dennis
4. Starry Night – Tommy Mccook & The Supersonics
5. It’s Raining – The Three Tops
6. The Sound of Music – The Three Tops
7. Ain’t That Loving You – Alton Ellis
8. Tommy’s Rocksteady – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
9. I Want to Be Loved – Oliver St. Patrick
10. Tulips – Oliver St. Patrick & Phyllis Dillon
11. This is A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening – Phyllis Dillon
12. A Thing of The Past – Phyllis Dillon
13. Dedicate My Song to You – The Jamaicans
14. How Can I Unlove You – The Jamaicans
15. Why Birds Follow Spring – Alton Ellis
16. Soul Rock – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
17. Love Is a Treasure – Freddie Mckay
18. Zazuka – Tommy & The Supersonics
19. (I’m a) Loving Pauper – Dobby Dobson
20. Sir Don – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
21. Make me Yours – Pyllis Dillon
22. Leave it in The Hands of Love – Pyllis Dillon

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6 comentarios to “THE BIRTH OF TROJAN – Duke Reid Rocksteady (1967)”

  1. Judy febrero 21, 2008 a 6:47 pm #

    Heya, what’s up?
    I see the blog is doing fine and i regret you don’t write in English here (as i don’t do in my blog, cause it takes long ,long time)
    However i’m stopping by to say “hello” and to make sure everuthing’s OK 🙂

  2. ljzz febrero 21, 2008 a 8:05 pm #

    if, lamentably I do not speak much ingles, but it is a good idea to write a version in ingles.
    thanks for your greetings

  3. skandres marzo 4, 2009 a 10:58 pm #

    porfavor la pass, no da,
    podrian poner la verdaderamm xfavor…gracias

  4. ljzz marzo 6, 2009 a 12:33 pm #

    El pass esta debajo del click para descargar , ayer descarge el disco y funciona a la perfeccion, no tiene problemas con el password.
    Cheque bien lo que escribes por q es un e3rror tuyo.

  5. kástula febrero 6, 2013 a 1:42 am #

    gracias, mil gracias por este disco. Simplemente fue la mejor noche que tuve, lo escuché y lo escuché.

  6. Jordi abril 3, 2015 a 6:08 am #

    hey, un saludo, no funciona el pass.
    Lo puedes actualizar.



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