Toots and The Maytals -True Love-

12 Oct


Still is Still Moving to Me – with Willie Nelson
True Love is Hard to Find – with Bonnie Raitt
Pressure Drop – with Eric Clapton
Time Tuff – with Ryan Adams
Bam Bam – with Shaggy and Rahzel
5446 – with Jeff Beck
Monkey Man – with No Doubt
Sweet and Dandy – with Trey Anastasio
Funky Kingston – with Bootsy Collins and The Roots
Reggae Got Soul – with Ken Boothe and Marcia Griffiths
Never Grow Old – with Terry Hall, U-Roy and the Skatalites
Take a Trip – with Bunny Wailer
Love Gonna Walk Out on Me – with Ben Harper
Careless Ethiopians – with Keith Richards
Blame on Me – with Rachael Yamagata

6 comentarios to “Toots and The Maytals -True Love-”

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