VA – Northern Soul For Millionairs Only (2011)

25 Ene


5 of a kind the other side.mp3[3.00M]
7 miles per hour band playing your game.mp3[6.00M]
7th Avenue Aviators You Should O’ Held On.mp3[3.00M]
A touch of velvet – a sting of brass.mp3[3.00M]
Al Wiliams Ii am nothing.mp3[3.00M]
Allan Sisters Im in with the downtown crowd ..mp3[3.00M]
Ambassadors I need someone.mp3[3.00M]
Ambers Potion of love.mp3[4.00M]
Andre Brasseur The Kid.mp3[3.00M]
Arabians You Upset Me Baby.mp3[1024.00K]
Arcades Theres got to be a loser.mp3[3.00M]
Art Freeman Slipping around with you.mp3[4.00M]
Arthur Alexander Keep her guessing.mp3[3.00M]
Arthur Freeman You got me uptight.mp3[3.00M]
Audrey Winters Thank you baby.mp3[3.00M]
August and Deneen We go together.mp3[3.00M]
Babe Ruth Elusive.mp3[7.00M]
Benny Spellman Fortune teller.mp3[3.00M]
Bernard Smith and Jokers Wild – Gotta be a reason.mp3[4.00M]
Betty Everett Bye bye baby.mp3[2.00M]
Betty Turner The winds kept laughing.mp3[3.00M]
Bill Brandon and Lorraine Johnson Full time groover.mp3[4.00M]
Billie Davis Just walk my shoes.mp3[3.00M]
Billy Arnell Tough girl.mp3[4.00M]
Billy Harner What about the music.mp3[2.00M]
Billy Prophet What can i do.mp3[3.00M]
Billy Thompson Black eyed girl.mp3[3.00M]
Billy Woods Let me make you happy.mp3[3.00M]
Bits n Pieces Keep on running away.mp3[4.00M]
Bob Fred I ll be on my way.mp3[3.00M]
Bob Kuban The Cheater.mp3[4.00M]
Bobby Goldsboro Too many people.mp3[7.00M]
Bobby Hutton Lend A Hand.MP3[3.00M]
Bobby Paris I Walked Away.mp3[4.00M]
Bobby Patterson Till you give in.mp3[3.00M]
Bobby Rich there s a girl somewhere for me.mp3[5.00M]
Bobby Sheen Dr Love.mp3[3.00M]
Bobby Ttreetop Wait till i get to know ya.mp3[4.00M]
Brice Coefield Ain t that right.mp3[3.00M]
Brooks Brothers Looking for a woman.mp3[1024.00K]
Buster and Eddie I can`t be still.mp3[4.00M]
Cajun Hart Got to find a way.mp3[4.00M]
Carl Holmes and the Commanders Soul dance no.3.mp3[4.00M]
Carl Spencer Cover girl.mp3[3.00M]
Carl Underwood Ain t you lying.mp3[3.00M]
Carlena Just brothers.mp3[4.00M]
Carstairs IIt Really Hurts Me Girl.mp3[3.00M]
Cecil Washington I don t like to lose.mp3[4.00M]
Cesars Girl i miss you.mp3[3.00M]
Charades The key to my happiness.mp3[3.00M]
Charles Sheffield It s your voodoo working.mp3[2.00M]
Cindy Scott I love you baby.mp3[2.00M]
Clarence Hill Alot of lovin goin round.mp3[3.00M]
Clarence Townsend I found a new love.mp3[4.00M]
Collins Collins Top of the stairs.mp3[5.00M]
Constellations I didn t know how to.mp3[4.00M]
Curtis Lee Is she in your town.mp3[3.00M]
Curtis Liggins indications.mp3[4.00M]
Damon Fox Packing Up.mp3[1024.00K]
Danny Monday Baby without you.mp3[2.00M]
Danny Moore Somebody new.mp3[3.00M]
Danny Wagner I lost a True Love.mp3[3.00M]
Del Larks Job opening.mp3[4.00M]
Del Larks Out of the in crowd.mp3[4.00M]
Dennis Edwards I Didnt Have Too But I Did.mp3[1024.00K]
Diplomats Cards on the table.mp3[4.00M]
Don Gardner Cheatin Kind.mp3[3.00M]
Eddie Spencer If this is love (i d rather be lonely).mp3[4.00M]
Eddie Whitehead – Just Your Fool.mp3[2.00M]
Elbie Parker Please keep away from me.mp3[3.00M]
Ernest Mosley Stubborn heart.mp3[3.00M]
Ernestine Eady Lets Talk It Over.mp3[1024.00K]
Ernie Washington Lonesome shack.mp3[3.00M]
Esther Grant Lets Make The Most Out Of Love.mp3[0.00K]
Executive Four I ‘ll make it up.mp3[1024.00K]
Executive Four I gotta good thing going.mp3[3.00M]
Fabulous Moonlighters For granted.mp3[3.00M]
Fascinators In other words.mp3[4.00M]
Fred and the Turbins Bernadine.mp3[4.00M]
Garland Green Girl i love you.mp3[3.00M]
Garland Green It rained forty days nights.mp3[3.00M]
Gene Anderson Do you love me baby.mp3[5.00M]
Gene Toones What more do you want.mp3[3.00M]
Geno Washington Im so in love with you.mp3[5.00M]
George Kirby What can i do.mp3[4.00M]
Gerri Hall Who can I run to.mp3[4.00M]
Gracie Dumas Song of a woman.mp3[4.00M]
Gwen Owens – Just Say Youre Wanted (And Needed).mp3[1024.00K]
Hank Hodge One Way Love.mp3[4.00M]
Hank Jjacobs Elijah rockin with soul.mp3[4.00M]
Headlines He s looking for love.mp3[3.00M]
Herb Ward Strange change.mp3[3.00M]
Herman Lewis Whos Kissing You Tonite.mp3[1024.00K]
Honey & The Bees Dynamite Exploded.mp3[1024.00K]
Honey and the Bees Two Can Play the Same Game.mp3[1024.00K]
Imperial C s Someone tell her.mp3[3.00M]
International GTOs I love my baby.mp3[3.00M]
JD Bryant I Wont Be Coming back.mp3[1024.00K]
JT Rhythm All I want is you.mp3[4.00M]
Jack Montgomery Baby,baby take a chance on me.mp3[4.00M]
Jack Montgomery Dearly beloved.mp3[4.00M]
Jackey Beavers I need my baby.mp3[4.00M]
James Bell and Highlighters Amazing love.mp3[4.00M]
James Carr A losing game.mp3[3.00M]
Jay Traynor – Up and over.mp3[2.00M]
Jay d. martin By yourself.mp3[3.00M]
Jerry Washington Don t waste my time.mp3[5.00M]
Jesse Davis Theres Room For Me..mp3[4.00M]
Jesse Davis Gonna Hang on in there Girl.mp3[1024.00K]
Jimmy Andrews Big city playboy.mp3[1024.00K]
Jimmy Delphs Dancing a hole in the world.mp3[4.00M]
John Harris and the Soul Sayers Hangin in.mp3[4.00M]
John Leach Put that woman down.mp3[3.00M]
Johnny Howard The chase is on.mp3[4.00M]
Johnny Robinson Gone but not forgotten.mp3[3.00M]
Johnny Sayles I cant get enough [of your love].mp3[3.00M]
Joseph Webster My Love Is So Strong.mp3[1024.00K]
Joy Lovejoy In orbit.mp3[3.00M]
Joyce Kennedy Im a good girl.mp3[3.00M]
Karen Striblin We’re not too young.mp3[1024.00K]
Karmello Brooks Tell me baby.mp3[2.00M]
Kelly garett Loves the only answer.mp3[3.00M]
Kenny Shepard What difference does it make.mp3[4.00M]
Kenny Smith Lord what s happening to your people.mp3[5.00M]
Kenny Wells Isnt it just a shame.mp3[1024.00K]
Kim Tolliver I Dont Know Which Foot to Dance On.mp3[4.00M]
admirations – heaven is in your arms.mp3[4.00M]
cold hearted blues the soul city.mp3[4.00M]
george lemons – fascinating girl.mp3[3.00M]
harold burrage fifty fifty.mp3[3.00M]
harry starr – another time another place.mp3[4.00M]
jesse johnson – left out.mp3[3.00M]
jimmy burns – i really love you.mp3[3.00M]
johnny rodger Make a change.mp3[4.00M]
joseph webster – my love is so strong..mp3[3.00M]
Larry Clinton Shes wanted.mp3[4.00M]
Larry Wright Sweet sweet kisses.mp3[4.00M]
Lee Andrews Nevertheless.mp3[3.00M]
Lee McCKinney and the Magnetics Ill keep holding on.mp3[1024.00K]
Len Jewell All my good lovin is going to waste.mp3[3.00M]
Lester Tipton This won t change.mp3[3.00M]
Little Eddie Taylor I had a good time.mp3[4.00M]
Little Harold the Fabulous Nomads What s wrong with me baby.mp3[4.00M]
Little Joe Roman When you re lonesome (come on home).mp3[3.00M]
Little Nicky Soul I wanted to tell you.mp3[3.00M]
Little Tommy Baby can t you see.mp3[4.00M]
Little Willie Faulk Look Into My Heart.mp3[1024.00K]
Llittle Jewel I want to.mp3[4.00M]
Lou Pride I’m coming home in the morning.mp3[5.00M]
Louis Curry You’re just plain nice.mp3[3.00M]
Louise Lewis Karl Eevans oo wee let it be you babe.mp3[8.00M]
Luther Ingram If it s all the same to you babe.mp3[4.00M]
Magnetics Lady in green.mp3[3.00M]
Majestics (i love her so much) it hurts me.mp3[2.00M]
Mamie P Galore No Right To Cry.mp3[1024.00K]
Martha Star Love Is The Only Solution.mp3[3.00M]
Martha Starr I Can’t Make It Anymore.mp3[5.00M]
Mary Wheeler the Knights I feel in my heart.mp3[3.00M]
Matadors Say yes baby.mp3[4.00M]
Mel britt She’ll come running back.mp3[2.00M]
Mello Souls We can make it.mp3[4.00M]
Millionaires And the rains came.mp3[5.00M]
Milton James My lonely feeling.mp3[1024.00K]
Moments Baby I Want You.mp3[1024.00K]
Moses Dillard Ill pay the price.mp3[3.00M]
Mr lucky Born to love you.mp3[4.00M]
Mr. Soul What Happened To Yesterday.mp3[1024.00K]
Nomads Something bad.mp3[4.00M]
Norma Jenkins The airplane song.mp3[6.00M]
Originals Suspicion.MP3[3.00M]
Otis Smith Let her go.mp3[2.00M]
Outsiders Lonely man.mp3[4.00M]
Pages Heartaches pain.mp3[3.00M]
Paris Sleepless Nights.mp3[2.00M]
Parliaments Dont be sore.mp3[1024.00K]
Parliaments Heart Trouble.mp3[3.00M]
Patrice Holloway Love and desire.mp3[3.00M]
Percy Stone & The Explosion Chained.mp3[2.00M]
Phil Terrell Love has passed me by.mp3[4.00M]
Primers how does it grab you.mp3[3.00M]
Professionals Thats why i love you.mp3[4.00M]
Prophets If i had one gold piece.mp3[3.00M]
Quotations I dont have to worry.mp3[4.00M]
Ray Pollard This time (i m gonna be true).mp3[3.00M]
Richard Stoute What bag Im in.mp3[3.00M]
Richie Adams I can t escape from you.mp3[3.00M]
Rita and the Tiaras Gone with the wind is my love.mp3[2.00M]
Roger Hatcher Sweetest girl in the world.mp3[3.00M]
Ronnie Mcneir Sitting in my class.mp3[4.00M]
Rotations Make you my own.mp3[4.00M]
Roy Handy Baby thats a groove.mp3[0.00K]
Rubin Youve been away.mp3[3.00M]
Ruby Deceived.mp3[4.00M]
Ruby Andrews Just loving you.mp3[4.00M]
Ruby Winters Better.mp3[7.00M]
Salt and Pepper Man of my word.mp3[4.00M]
Sam Fletcher Id think it over.mp3[2.00M]
Sam Williams Love slipped through my fingers.mp3[4.00M]
September Jones Im coming home.mp3[4.00M]
Sharon Scott Could it be you.mp3[3.00M]
Shawn Robinson My dear heart.mp3[3.00M]
She s Wanted in 3 States Larry Clinton.mp3[4.00M]
Shirley Edwards Dream my heart.mp3[4.00M]
Silky Hargreaves Keep loving me.mp3[4.00M]
Silky Hargreaves You’re too good( to me baby).mp3[3.00M]
Sissie Houston Bring him back.mp3[3.00M]
Skip Mahoney The Casuals running away from love.mp3[7.00M]
Sonny Til I gave it all up.mp3[4.00M]
Soul Bbrothers inc Teardrops.mp3[4.00M]
Soul Brothers inc Pyramid.mp3[4.00M]
Soul Incorporated My proposal.mp3[4.00M]
Spyder Turner Ive got to get myself together.mp3[3.00M]
Stanley Mitchell get it baby.mp3[3.00M]
Steve Flanagan Ive arrived.mp3[3.00M]
Stormy Wynters lifesaver.mp3[1024.00K]
Syng Mcgowan Thats what i want.mp3[3.00M]
TJ Williams Baby i need you.mp3[4.00M]
Tan Geers Let my heart soul be free.mp3[4.00M]
Tearra Jjust loving you.mp3[3.00M]
Ted Wilson I cant take it nomore.mp3[1024.00K]
Terri Goodnight They didn t know.mp3[3.00M]
Terry Callier Ordinary joe.mp3[6.00M]
That’s the way The q.mp3[4.00M]
The Admirations I want to be free.mp3[3.00M]
The Admirations You left me.mp3[2.00M]
The Adorables ooh, boy!.mp3[4.00M]
The Ambers I Love You Baby.mp3[3.00M]
The Andantes Like A Nightmare.mp3[1024.00K]
The Antellects Love Slave.mp3[0.00K]
The Appointments I Saw You There.mp3[1024.00K]
The Cashmeres Showstopper.mp3[3.00M]
The Cavaliers ooh it hurts me.mp3[4.00M]
The Changing Scene When the city sleeps.mp3[3.00M]
The Coasters Crazy Baby.mp3[1024.00K]
The Conquistadores Sadness and Madness.mp3[1024.00K]
The Conquistadores Sdness and madness.mp3[0.00K]
The Counts Peaches Baby.mp3[1024.00K]
The Dynamic Three You Said Yeah.mp3[1024.00K]
The Embers Where did i go wrong.mp3[3.00M]
The Exceptions Baby, you know i need you.mp3[3.00M]
The Fiestas Think smart.mp3[3.00M]
The Glories I worship you baby.mp3[3.00M]
The HY-Tones You Dont Even Know My Name.mp3[1024.00K]
The Headlines Hes looking for a love.mp3[1024.00K]
The Hesitations She wont come back.mp3[3.00M]
The Mandells Dont Make A Mistake.mp3[1024.00K]
The Masqueraders Ive Got The Power.mp3[1024.00K]
The Matta Do the Pearl Girl.mp3[4.00M]
The Montclairs Hey you! don t you fight it!.mp3[3.00M]
The Natural Four I thought you were mine.mp3[4.00M]
The Pentagons Gonna wait for you.mp3[3.00M]
The Poets Wrapped around your finger.mp3[2.00M]
The Royal Imperials This heart of mine.mp3[3.00M]
The Sequins Try my love.mp3[3.00M]
The Sharp-etts, keep looking.mp3[3.00M]
The Sheepherders If you ever need me.mp3[4.00M]
The Spontanes Where did i go wrong.mp3[4.00M]
The Springers, Nothing`s Too Good For My Baby.mp3[1024.00K]
The Startones Lovin you baby.mp3[2.00M]
The Superlatives I still love you.mp3[4.00M]
The Tempests Someday.mp3[3.00M]
The Topics Have Your Fun.mp3[1024.00K]
The Traditions Twinkle Little Star.mp3[1024.00K]
The Twans I cant see him again.mp3[3.00M]
The Vonns So many days.mp3[3.00M]
The Young Brothers Baby.mp3[2.00M]
The casanova two We got to keep on.mp3[4.00M]
The in-betweens She s walking down the street.mp3[3.00M]
The sweetest thing Channel 3.mp3[4.00M]
Timothy Wilson – Hey Girl Do You Love Me.mp3[1024.00K]
Tomangoes I really love you baby.mp3[3.00M]
Tommy and the Derbys Dont play the role.mp3[3.00M]
Tony Middleton To the ends of the Earth.mp3[3.00M]
Trends Thanks for a little loving.mp3[3.00M]
Troy Dodds Try My Love.mp3[2.00M]
Twrry Goodnight They didnt know.mp3[1024.00K]
Ty Karim Lighten up Baby.mp3[3.00M]
Valentinos Sweeter than day before.mp3[2.00M]
Vanguards Good times bad times.mp3[3.00M]
Walter wilson Love keeps me crying.mp3[4.00M]
Will hatcher This and that.mp3[3.00M]
William bell Dont stop now.mp3[0.00K]
Willie Bobo Be s that way.mp3[4.00M]
Willie Mason – Why.mp3[1024.00K]
Willie Tee Please don t go.mp3[3.00M]
Yvonne and the Violets Cross my heart.mp3[3.00M]
magnetics i have a girl.mp3[3.00M]
patti and the emblems i’m gonna love you a long long time.mp3[3.00M]
samuel moore im so jealous.mp3[3.00M]
the Admirations Heaven is in your arms.mp3[4.00M]
the Ringleaders Baby, what has happened to our love.mp3[2.00M]
the Servicemen Sweet Magic.mp3[3.00M]



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