James Brown & The Famous Flames – Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do/Shout & Shimmy

17 Abr


1. Just You And Me, Darling 2:49
2. I Love You, Yes I Do 2:47
3. I Don’t Mind 2:44
4. Come Over Here 2:44
5. The Bells 2:58
6. Love Don’t Love Nobody 2:06
7. Dancin’ Little Thing 2:15
8. Lost Someone 3:01
9. And I Do Just What I Want 2:26
10.So Long 2:50
11.You Don’t Have To Go 2:48
12.Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do 2:07
13.Shout And Shimmy 2:52
14.Good Good Lovin’ 2:17
15.Have Mercy Baby 2:16
16.Begging, Begging 2:55
17.Just Won’t Do Right 2:37
18.It Was You 2:45
19.There Must Be A Reason (Bonus Track) 2:29
20.Fine Old Foxy Self (Bonus Track) 2:13
21.I’ve Got To Change (Bonus Track) 2:28
22.Gonna Try (Bonus Track) 2:47
23.I Want You So Bad (Bonus Track) 2:48
24.It Hurts To Tell You (Bonus Track) 2:54
25.Hold It (Bonus Track) 2:11
26.I Won’t Plead No More (Bonus Track) 2:28
27.Don’t Let It Happen To Me (Bonus Track) 2:49



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