Yellowman – Reggae Anthology: Young, Gifted & Yellow

24 Abr



01. Mad Over Me
02. Shorties
03. Soldier Take Over
04. Lost Mi Love
05. Mister Chin
06. Mr. Wong feat. Fathead
07. Herbman Smuggling feat. Fathead
08. Eventide Fire
09. Operation Eradication
10. Out of Hand
11. Them a Fight I
12. Death of Barnabas
13. King and Queen feat. Sister Nancy
14. Yellowman Getting Married
15. I’m Getting Divorced feat. Fathead
16. Morning Ride
17. Night Flight
18. Top Form
19. Water Rock feat. Fathead
20. Duppy or a Gunman


01. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng
02. Who Can Make the Dance Ram
03. Quiet
04. Bunn the Kouchie
05. The Girl Is Mine feat. eter Metro
06. Ram Jam Master
07. Body Move
08. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
09. Galong Galong Galong
10. Walking Jewelry Store
11. Gregory Free
12. Jah Mek Us Fi a Purpose feat. Sister Nancy
13. Love Struck
14. Rub a Dub a Play feat. Fathead
15. Rub and Go Down feat. Fathead
16. Bam Bam feat. Fathead
17. One Yellowman Ina the Yard feat. Fathead
18. Strong Mi Strong
19. Blueberry Hill
20. Where Is Santa Claus feat. Mr. & Mrs.



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